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VeriTime Time Tracker  v.

VeriTime Time Tracker is an application that allows you to record time spent in doing your tasks adn also to track time for tasks currently being performed. These tasks are parts of a project which belong to a client.

APEX Time Management System  v.1.4

The Time Management System enables companies to record time of their employees and has powerful reporting capabilities for the management. This professional solution is currently used by an IT consultancy firm based in Germany having 200+

Task Time Tracker  v.1.0

Task time tracker is a simple timg logging tool, which allow you to take record time invested in tasks. You can configure unlimited number of tasks.

QuickTimeSheets - Free Edition  v.

QuickTimesheets - a timesheet application which enables the user(s) to simply and easily record time and costs for projects and tasks. Easy time recording for Programmers, Writers, Lawyers, Consultants which can be customised to your needs. No

TimeSage Timesheets - Free Edition  v.2.2.2

TimeSage Timesheets software is a flexible time tracking tool with easy start/stop clock to record time worked on different projects. It aims to make timesheet creation, usage, and project management for jobs easy. Supports multiple timesheets and

TimeSage Timesheets  v.2.1.5

TimeSage Timesheets is a flexible time tracking tool with easy start/stop clock to record time worked on different projects. It aims to make timesheet creation, usage, and project management for jobs easy. Supports multiple timesheets and notes.

1 Absolutely FreeTime  v.9.0.538

Freeware version of Time(r), our commercial Time Recording, Billing, Costing and Project Management Solution. With FreeTime, you can record time and expenses, analyze costs, Invoice your Customers and generate Reports.

GraFX Saver Pro  v.3.0

Use your own images, animation, video, and audio to create professional screen savers in record time! Unlike all the others that allow you to use only 3 or at most 4 media formats, GraFX Saver Pro supports over 70 image/video formats! It also

BlueVoda Website Builder  v.11.4

BlueVoda is a Drag and Drop website builder that enables a user with little or no experience to build a fantastic website in record time. No HTML or coding knowledge required.

Tangible architect professional edition  v.4.0

Create Database Applications in record time! tangible architect generates a full business object implementation - including data access code - from C# interface definitions or UML ! Generated business objects realize the data access with intelligent

TimeCheque  v.1. 1. 1966

Record time and enter expenses for client billing. Simple and easy to use interface. Start/ Stop time recording as well as manual data entry. Variety of reports for time and expense modules and system administration. Intergrate with MYOB ©. Deploy

AitiaFW  v.1.0

AitiaFW will be (once is finished) a PHP dictionary-driven web development framework. Our vision is to build a framework that will empower users to build fully-fledged secure web applications in record time.

BFrame  v.1.0

Open source framework for rapid ActionScript 3.0+ application development. Produces reliable, small, and portable Flash/Flex/AIR applications in record time. Includes excellent documentation and useful tools for building, debugging, and maintaining code.

At32 BusySheet  v.1.02c

The at32 BusySheet application was developed to be a personal time sheet and task management software. The core part of the program is based around a colorful table of the month, with a separate row for each day, and color-coded bars being used to

Debt Repayment Calculator  v.1.0

This calculator simplifies the difficult calculations of the Debt Repayment method, and makes it easy to see just how much time and money you?ll save by using the plan. It also gives you a detailed schedule of how much to pay each month.

JBuddy Developer Tools for Mac OS  v.6.1

Create interactive IM Bots and IM applications with ease using JBuddy IM Toolkits. JBuddy now includes a powerful, yet easy to use IM Bot Framework so building and running IM bots is a snap. JBuddy IM Toolkits support public IM networks such as AIM,

Spot, the Intelligent DXCluster Client for Mac OS  v.1.9.3

Finally, advanced DXCluster management for OS X amateur radio operators. Spot allows you to chase the DX that really matters by putting you in charge of which DX spots you need to see and alarming you when they appear. Experience power of your

Hybir Backup  v.3.00.000

Hybir Backup is a full / image backup program for Microsoft Windows.

LMD-Tools Free for CBuilder  v.6.8.13

LMD-Tools ia a native VCL(.

Watermark Magick (formerly Watermark)  v.1.3

Protect your work or your legend images

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